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Tibetan plateau, Shangri-La the land of snow as known as "the roof of the world" and autonomous has an area of over 1.23 million sq. km linked through the south by 2500km long trans Himalayas and to the Karakorum and it is located on the southeast frontier of the people republic of China. Once open a time the Tibet was great boundless sea whose foaming waves crashed onto the beach densely covered with pines hemlocks and palms. Tibet shares the boarders of Nepal, Bhutan, India and Myanmar. The capital of Lasha contains two world heritage sites-the Potala palace and Norbulinka, which were the residences of the Dalai lama. Nestled amidst the eight auspicious mountain Lash well deserves the name given it by the Tibetans "Abode of the Gods" and her ancient and dignified appearance has charmed countless visitors and pilgrims alike.

Legend tells the Tibetan history starts with a monkey and a siren. The monkey was sent by Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezi) for religious retreat on the high plateau. The siren managed to persuade him to marry her. Having the permission of Avalokiteshvara, they married and had 6 children. They were believed to be the ancestor of the Tibetan people. However, archeology and geology discovery makes ethnologists believe Tibetans are decedents of aborigines and nomadic Qiang tribes. According to archeological discovery, Tibetan history can be traced to 4,000 years ago. For explorers' imperialists and traders it was a forbidden land of treasure and riches. Dreamers on spiritual quest have long whispered of a lost land steeped in magic and mystery. For travelers Tibet is without doubt one of the most remarkable places to visit in Asia, it offers fabulous monasteries sights ,breathtaking high altitude treks, stunning view of the world heights mountains.

In 1951, Tibet was peacefully liberated under the 17-point Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet. Hundreds of thousands serfs were liberated from the yoke of serfdom. In Tibet can be reach by flight from Kathmandu to Lasha or by overland both is possibilities. Bu the best to do is fly from Kathmandu to Lasha and take couple of days explore around the Lash city and back to Sighatche, Everest base camp and drive by overland to Kathmandu is recommended.

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