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Necessaries Documents

Equipment’s and Packing List for Nepal Trek

This equipment’s list is a guideline to help you pack for your adventure. The weight limit for your luggage is about33 pounds or 15 kg. Remember that your luggage will be carried by your porter (for two guest 1 porter) but you are required to carry a day-pack (with your valuables or anything important) on your own. We also suggest that you pack only what is necessary.
Important documents and items
1.    Separate photocopies of passport, two extra passport size of photose, visa form (easily obtained at Kathmandu airport), proof of insurance
2.    Dollars, pounds or Euros in cash for purchasing Nepalese visa at Kathmandu airport, for paying for restaurants and hotels, for gratuities, snacks, and to purchase your own drinks and gift
3.    Some case because sometime it’s not work your Credit cards or other cards properly, Bank/ATM/Cash machine cards for withdrawing funds from cash machines (bring a photocopy of your cards),

Trekking equipment’s and accessories
1.    Down jacke
2.    Wind or rain prove jacket
3.    Insulated pant
4.    Wind pant
5.    Thermal trouser
6.    Long-sleeved woolen shir
7.    Short-sleeved cotton T-shirt
8.    Regular underwear
9.    Thermal underwear
10.    Woolen hat
11.    Sun and rain hat
12.    Glove
13.    Gaiters
14.    Trekking boots (waterproof)
15.    Woolen socks
16.    Cotton socks
17.    Sandal or extra sport shoes
18.    Sleeping bag +10°C to –10°C
19.    Rucksack or  duffel bag for carry to porter
20.    Day bag pack for yourself 25-40liters
21.    Towel
22.    Water bottle
23.    Headlamp with spare batteries
24.    Water purifying tablet
25.    Wallet or money belt
26.    Tooth paste/brush.
27.    Moisturizing lotion.
28.    Snow glasses and sunglasses.
29.    Spare pair of sunglasses.
30.    Sunscreen and lip guard
31.    Emergency contact number

Medical: Personal first aid kit

1.    Small, personal first-aid kit. (Simple and light
2.    Aspirin, first-aid tape, and plasters (Band-Aids)
3.    1 skin-blister repair kit
4.    Anti-diarrhea pills
5.    Anti-headache pills
6.    Cough and/or cold medicine
7.    Anti-altitude sickness pills: Diamox
8.    Stomach antibiotic: Ciprofloxacin, etc. Do not bring sleeping pills as they are a respiratory depressant.
9.    Water purification tablets or water filter
10.    1 set of earplugs
11.    Extra pair of prescription glasses, contact lens supplies

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