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Bhutan is one of the most mysterious of small country of the world which is a tiny and remote kingdom nestling in the Himalayas between its powerful neighbors, India and China.When talking about Bhutan, you realize fast that many people never even heard about this small remote Himalayan kingdom. Landlocked in the western Himalayas between India and China, Bhutan was in self-imposed isolation for centuries. When looking at the fate of other Himalayan countries around, it looks like its isolation served it quite well.

Almost completely cut off for centuries, it has tried to let in some aspects of the outside world while fiercely guarding its ancient traditions. The Bhutanese name for Bhutan, DrukYul, means "Land of the Thunder Dragon" and it only began to open up to outsiders in the 1970s. In the Himalayan world (Especially in Bhutan) it symbolizes Buddha's mind and is sacred. As an sign of respect and to gain merits, a Chortenlike a stupa should be circumambulated in a clockwise direction. There are eight kinds of Chorten. All Chortens contain religious relics and they are consecrated.

Entering to the Bhutan is quite an expensive and you must expense per day minimum $200. To those people who have accustomed to this domain of extremes and have always led their life with the principles of Mahayana Buddhism, Bhutan is a paradise on earth where respect for life, in all its many incarnations, endures like the land itself.

The gateway cities into Bhutan are:
From Bangkok, Thailand
from Dhaka, Bangladesh
From Kolkata, India
From Gaya, India
From New Delhi, India
From Bagdora, India
From Katmandu, Nepal
Fact about Kingdom of Bhutan
Capital of Bhutan:Thimphu
Population: 750,000
Area: 38,364 sq km (14,812 sq miles)
Major language: Dzongkha
Religion: Buddhism (official), Hinduism

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